Here's some of questions we get asked the most by you lovely customers. We hope the answer to your question can be found on this page. If you still have a question, please click here to Contact Us!


~Are your vegan skincare products tested and regulated for safety?~

Yes! We are proud to say that all of our balms soaps and body butters have been tested and are covered by robust safety legislation, the EU Cosmetic Products Regulation 1223/2009 (CPR)!

All cosmetic products placed on the UK and European market must comply with these strict laws which are in place to ensure human safety and to protect consumers from misleading claims concerning efficacy and other characteristics of cosmetic products.

So you can rest safe in the knowledge that any product you purchase from us is safe and kind to your skin. 

~How long do your skincare products last?~

For all of our skincare range, a little goes a looong way! You really only need a small amount for application. Generally our advice is 2-5 fingertips of product depending on the size of the area of application. For example 2-3 fingertips of Face Balm would be sufficient.  Therefore, our products are not only great for your skin but great for your wallet as they can last significantly longer than alternative brands.

~Are all of your products really 100% natural?~

They certainly are! We only use natural ingredients, from ethical, reliable sources. We are a completely vegan-friendly, cruelty and chemical free, 100% plant-based manufacturer. We truly believe that everything needed to take care of ourselves can be found in nature, so we will never add any chemicals, artificial substances or animal derivatives into our products!

~Is there a limit to how many times I can apply the hand balm in a day?~

We love the smell of our hand balm so much, so can quickly see how you would want to keep applying all day! Especially as we are all washing and sanitizing our hands so often these days, which can cause the skin to get dry and sore. But not with our Hand Balm! Not only is our Hand Balm formulated to maintain and protect your hands it is safe to use too! Luckily all of our products are natural and contain no chemicals, so you can apply multiple times throughout the day without having to worry about drying out or irritating your skin. 

~When is the best time to apply the Face Balm?~

As with all of our products, there is no right or wrong time to apply. Everyone has their own little routines and we would never mess with that. However, we find from customer feedback, there is a trend emerging with our Face Balm. When used as part of your night time routine, the Face Balm gets to work whilst you're resting and come morning, you will feel and see the difference! 

~How long do your Spirit Flames burn for?~

On average our Spirit Flames have a burning time of 12h+ Our Spirit Flames are designed to easily be blown out, ready to be lit another time. Please always remember that Spirit Flames and their wax can remain hot for up to 1 hour after being extinguished.

~How can I stock your products in my store?~

We are always happy to speak to new prospective stockists. Simply get in touch with us via our Contact Us page with your requirements and one of our wholesale team will contact you with a quote!