Yumfu - Personal Plant-Based Plans for Everyone! 

#ProjectPlantbase unveils its latest member: Yumfu plant-based nutritional plans - Helping those transitioning into & those following a plant-based lifestyle, safely and tastily. Creating healthy habits, not restrictions. 

#ProjectPlantbase member Yumfu - Plant-based nutritional plans

#ProjectPlantbase member Yumfu Plant-based Nutritional Plans   Founder and creator of Yumfu is Callum Weir, from Leigh in Essex. A plant-based nutritionist with multiple years of experience within the plant-based nutrition sector. Callum’s passions lie in showing people that a plant-based diet and lifestyle is about eating more than just salad. This is what Callum has to say to anyone worried about a plant-based diet being restrictive or boring: ‘I want to share with the community that we don't need to eat meat or animal products to enjoy food.’ Yumfu packages are about so much more than just telling you what you should or should not be eating. Callum aims to have his clients enjoying and getting the most out of their plant-based diets, whilst attaining their personal goals.


#ProjectPlantbase  member Yumfu Plant-based Nutritional Plans

What does Yumfu mean? ‘Nothing it’s cute catchy and stuck’ Says Callum. Yumfu caters to clients from all walks of life. Whether you are someone into bodybuilding, transitioning to a vegan lifestyle or someone going through pregnancy. Yumfu is for you! Yumfu plans are tailored to each individual because no two people have the same health, body type, lifestyle or goals. That’s why when you sign up to a Yumfu plan, Callum will personally get to know you. Whether this is with a face to face meeting (lockdown restrictions permitting, of course) or with a friendly phone call, the initial consultation is 100% free of charge. From here on Yumfu will create a personal and tailored-to-your-needs plan to help you achieve whatever goals needed from your new plant-based journey. Plant-Based veterans and newbies alike can experience the benefits of Callum’s years of expertise.

#ProjectPlantbase Yumfu Plant-based Nutritional Plans

More than just a great expert in creating personal nutritional diet plans, Callum is a big advocate for healthy eating and waste reduction. Promoting eco-friendly initiatives such as ditching pre-made food items like stock cubes and showing his followers how to easily make their own.

#ProjectPlantbase Member Yumfu Plant-based Nutritional Plans Homemade alternatives to such items are not only healthier and tastier than shop-bought ones but actually also reduce waste and can often be made at no extra cost. Saving you money and the planet even more package production. 


 If you were thinking that only those looking to bulk up/lose weight or transitioning into a plant-based diet can benefit from Yumfu, think again. Callum has worked with many customers with very different needs and goals. For example, people looking to reverse/reduce the effects of Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease. For these types of client, Callum will work on a bespoke plan to ensure that the needs of his client are met in the best possible way. Yumfu is all about healthy eating habits that work for you, no matter your needs, wants or goals. This is why it is vital to Callum to get to know every single one of his clients. To help ensure that their plan will get them the best nutrition based on their specific needs.
#ProjectPlantbase Member Yumfu Plant-based Nutritional Plans
The selection of packages include:
☆ Free Consultation
☆ Plant-based Transition Plan
☆ Weight Loss Plan
☆ Body Builder & Athlete Nutrition
☆ Pregnancy Plan
☆ Restaurant Menu Creation
Each one of these plans will then be tailored specifically to the client's personal needs and lifestyle. The plans include everything from weekly check-ins to meal planners, recipes, client aftercare and more.

#ProjectPlantbase Member Yumfu Plant-based Nutritional Plans Eating plant-based meals helps us all. The meat and dairy industry is taking its toll on our planet on a more and more devestating scale as time goes on. Due to the high demand for meat and dairy and these industries just ramping up production to provide, our planet’s health is now suffering. With rainforests being torn down to make way for meat and dairy production facilities, ripping away natural habitats of some of the world’s rarest creatures. In addition, meat and dairy specifically account for around 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the UN's Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO). Eating plant-based and encouraging others to do so can save our planet from these issues. If we act now, we may still be able to reverse the damage already done. A study published in The Lancet revealed that a vegan diet – no meat, eggs, or dairy — can reduce one's environmental impact by up to 84% compared to a meat-heavy diet. This is where Yumfu comes in to help us all enjoy a plant-based diet that is also tasty and varied.
#ProjectPlantbase Member Yumfu Plant-based Nutritional Plans

  As well as Yumfu’s personal platform that creates plant-based plans for the individual, there’s even more Yumfu to be found in the corporate world. With Callum having worked on menus for large corporate events and functions. In the past, Callum has also worked on menu planning for restaurants. Callum knows that people love to eat out and that plant-based options can sometimes be limited. Therefore, Callum offers his services to work with restaurants in building a menu which is plant-based, tasty and super nutritional. More clients for the restaurants and more happy plant-based Yumfu followers!
#ProjectPlantbase Member Yumfu Plant-based Nutritional Plans  To start your personal plant-based plan today or book yourself in for a free-of-charge and no obligation consultation, visit https://www.yumfu.life today. Make sure you sign up to yumfu's social media platforms too, for great advice and mouth watering recipes:



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