We're Jammin - New Indie brand of mouth-watering Homemade Vegan Jam!

      #ProjectPlantBase is pleased to introduce We’re Jammin, a fantastic independent brand creating the most astonishing selection of vegan jams, pickles & chutneys!

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We’re Jammin was officially launched in the fall of 2019 by Hayley Watts in Essex, UK. Initially started as a hobby, Hayley who is a cooking enthusiast shared an incredible story about the reason behind her delicious homemade products: “I came into Jam accidentally, when I was stuck for gift ideas for my family at Christmas and started off by making pickles and chutneys. They were received extremely well, so I thought I’d dabble in Jam.” After receiving many positive feedbacks from friends and family, Hayley finally decided to launch her own brand of homemade jam and started to sell it throughout local fairs and fetes. Finally, in 2019, she decided to take We’re Jammin to the masses, and she launched her Facebook page alongside an Etsy store to reach out beyond her local area; it was a great idea!!!


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 Being a vegan herself, Hayley connected with many vegan businesses through social media platforms, and eventually secured a partnership with a local and well-respected doughnut shop that uses her mouth-watering Strawberry & Balsamic jam for one of their signature picks. Inspired by seasons and their main events, We’re Jammin is always inspired to create more and more delicious recipes. This makes this independent brand very sustainable as using locWe're Jaming Haloween - #Projectplantbaseal and seasonal ingredients helps make an important step in reducing the brand's carbon footprint. This past year, We’re Jammin has launched many seasonal flavors such as Caramel Apple and Pumpkin Spiced Jam for Halloween/Autumn Season. For Christmas, Hayley offered us Cranberry Sparkle Jam and Christmas Chutney, along with a promotion of Jam of choice and Chutney in a decorative gift box, which was a massive hit. 


We're jammin - Carrot Jam #Projectplantbase

  However, whilst seasonal events allow the brand to always come up with limited editions of flavors, We’re Jamming always keep a stock of jam available all-year-round for loyal, new, and online customers. This enables the brand to build and maintain a healthy stock at all time, and it allows Hayley, its inspired founder to always think ahead to the next event: “The seasons are where I get much of my inspiration from, Easter is a fantastic time for marmalade on hot cross buns or the carrot jam is perfect in a carrot cake or drizzled on top of a vegan cheesecake. Also, Wimbledon is known for its Strawberries and Pimms, yet another flavor combination I intend on creating for this summer.” 


We're Jammin unusual recipe - #Projectplantbase

  We’re Jammin has many projects and plans to expand, and the brand should be recognized as inspirational and innovative. They are always creating and testing new flavor combinations, taking the time to perfect each recipe until they are happy to release them onto the market. Hayley is not afraid to combine unusual flavor, and this has certainly paid off for the brand as she constantly receives amazing customer feedback. Some of We’re Jammin atypical creations include Carrot Jam, Pineapple & Cracked Black Pepper Jam, and Peruvian Chocolate & Raspberry to name a few of the brand’s influential recipes.


We're Jammin twine top - #Projectplantbase

Furthermore, We’re Jammin does not stop its efforts in the kitchen. The brand prides itself to be sustainable as well as eco-friendly, and have also given a lot of thought about their packaging to make them reusable and recyclable. We’re Jammin’s jars are made of glass, and can be reused for storage of food and non-food items around the house. The decorative tops are either a square of fabric, sourced from a family-run business in Wadebridge, Cornwall, or stitching. These can be collected and reused for patchwork while the hessian tops are 100% compostable. The twines and string used by the brand can also be reused and the labels are handcrafted create using recycled Kraft paper. This is an exceptional effort by this one-woman plant-based business to create and distribute a clean and ethical product to consumers while offering them passion and novelty!


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For more information about this growing independent brand, and to purchase their deliciously exciting jams, please visit https://www.facebook.com/werejammin , and be sure to follow them on Social Media for updates: 


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