Vedge Snacks - The Snack Bar that makes Veg the Star!

#ProjectPlantBase introduces Vedge Snacks - a Delicious range of Vegetables-based Snack Bars!

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  Since this brand was founded by Giles Whitman a few years ago, it set out to develop a vegetable-based snack bar several years ago, they wanted to get as many vegetables as possible into it, using as few other ingredients as possible and with no added sugar or artificial ingredients. As time went by and their understanding of nutrition increased, they also wanted to use as many whole foods as possible although they clearly wanted vegetables to be the main player. “We think that nutrition can and should be really simple, for most people. Humans developed over millions of years eating mainly a whole-food, plant-based diet, and numerous studies suggest that this approach remains the best for long-term health.”


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  Vedge like to highlight that nutrition can and should be really simple, for most people. Humans developed over millions of years eating a mainly whole food, plant-based diet, and numerous studies suggest that approach remains the best for long-term health. The entire brand’s range of bars contain at least 50% dried vegetables, they’re at least one of your five a day, 100% natural, high in fibre and have no added sugar. Vedge Bars have at least one third less sugar and 60% more fibre than fruit based bars. All Vedge’s bars are vegan, five are certified low FODMAP and three are certified by Sugarwise. Also, the brand prides itself in always being transparent, and relay to the consumer information about all their ingredients rather than just the healthy and trendy ones; “The food we eat can have a large impact on our health, and different people have different needs and sensitivities. So we think it’s only fair that you know exactly what goes into our bars, and why.” 


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 After substantial research and experiments, the team at Vedge found that a combination of tapioca starch and rapeseed oil worked as a great replacement for the whole algal flour, which is what the brand uses today, along with some vegetable glycerine. You can read more about these ingredients at Whilst these are not all whole foods or completely natural, they are not chemically modified or artificial, therefore Vedge snack bars can be called “natural”. The brand aims to use solely whole food ingredient in the future, as tRapseed Oil - #Projectplantbasehey believe that relaxing their ideals here is a small price to pay to create a “whole-veg” bar that makes it much easier and more enjoyable for people to eat: “Eating a wide variety of whole plant foods can give you all the macro and most of the micronutrients you need (the exceptions being vitamins D and B12). It’s tasty, and you don’t need to spend time counting macros or calories.”

   Vedge offers a range of snack bars with flavours such as Sweet Thai Chilli, Caramelised Onion & Black Pepper, Chinese Broccoli and also sweet flavour including Cacao & Orange, Raspberry, Lime & Coconut, and Lemon & Vanilla amongst others. The brand also offers their bars as multipack collections, with the Explore, Delight and Discover collections and their low FODMAP 4 Pack! Furthermore, we understand that new flavours will be available soon.

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  Vedge bars are undeniably healthier than most of the regular fruits bars on the market today. They have much higher carbs and sugar content than fresh vegetables, mainly because they are made using dried veggies. This also means than those dried vegetables contain highly concentrated nutrients due to the reduction of water content. Besides, Vedge bars are also significantly lower in sugar than fruit-based snacks (at least 1/3 less), which often use purees and juices rather than whole fruit. Finally, Vedge bars are much higher in fibre than most fruit-based snacks (at least 50% more), further slowing the release of the natural sugars into our bloodstream, providing longer-lasting energy. Vedge always encourages us, through their message, to focus on eating as much fresh fruit and “veg” as possible.

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