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  #ProjectPlantBase is a movement launched to raise awareness about the power of plants, and how these can be used in our daily lives to improve our health. Our goal is to promote plant-based brands and organisations, by understanding and explaining how using their products and services can contribute to enable us to live in a healthier, happier and greener world. Research shows that as a society we have reached a tipping point where consumers not only want to make changes, they need to! They need to feel that they are part of contributing to a more sustainable world.

  Studies suggest that in the last year, 83% of consumers have changed brands or habits in order to be more eco-friendly and 53% are trying brands and products that they previously didn’t consider. Thus it is important that as businesses, we should all thrive to be more responsible, sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint for our benefit and the one of future generations. However, we know that change does not happen overnight and therefore we believe that it is fundamental to provide consumers with clearer information, cleaner products and more ethical services to promote a positive change of trends. 

  Today, there are many amazing plant-focused indie brands and organisations doing incredible work to help make a difference in our way of life, for our environment and ultimately for our future. In addition, a recent eco-study shows that 78% of consumers trust small businesses more that big when it comes to give trustworthy information, and 83% have more trust in small businesses in the matter of caring for the environment. In this regard, #ProjectPlantBase was founded to be a platform which will provide not only clear advice and information, free advertisement and impartial reviews but it will also aim to become a networking hub for green businesses and consumers to communicate, share and create new trends through the use of plants.

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