Enjoy a healthier drink with Mooze 12%, new indie brand of vegan spirit!

A new brand fitting right in our #ProjectPlantBase is Mooze 12%, an alternative botanical spirit, rated at only 12% of alcohol content with only 18 calories per serving. Enjoy a much healthier drink!

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  Mooze 12% was founded by Mel Sims in Essex, during the initial lockdown of 2020. During the restrictions resulting on this global pandemic, and after losing her job in hospitality due to the crisis, Mel who is 48 years old, notices physical changes such as an increasingly dull looking skin and weight gain. Although she was never a heavy drinker, she quickly realised that empty calories from her moderate drinking habit paired with the inability to go out and live her usual fast-paced life were the culprit. She considered the situation and decided that she enjoyed having the innocent drinks at the end of a long day; however she will have to change habits with regard that what she was drinking...


Mooze 12% - #Projectplantbase

  Mel set out to find a tasty drink that she could enjoy yet with low alcohol content, but slowly realised that the industry as a whole was binary on the subject, as she explains:” Either you choose drinks with high alcohol content, or no/low alcohol which means less than 1.2%? The only choice is between the extremely low alcohol level of under 1.2% (No/Low), and the higher standard levels with higher calorie contents. There is nothing mid level.” On that thought, Mel decided to create Mooze 12%, a moderation drink designed for everyone wishing to lower their alcohol and calorie intake whilst still being able to enjoy drinks with family and friends. (Moderate + Booze = Mooze)!!!


  Since then Mel’s original idea has grown in to a vibrant Mooze 12% unit comparison - #Projectplantbasebrand offerings consumer with a real alternative to heavy drinking. She has infused her spirit with botanical elements including cucumber, coriander, orange and clementine zest and macadamia nuts. These combined with the presence of only 12% of alcohol in the distillation process similar to gin, are conveying a real punch of flavor and can be enjoyed responsibly. Essentially, a 25ml serving of Mooze contains only 18 calories and 0.3 alcoholic units with no added sugars or sweeteners; to put this fact into perspective, a single glass of wine or a pint of beer would account for 11 Mooze cocktails.


  This is therefore no wonder that in a very short amount time, Mooze 12% has attracted a lot of attention from various female markets and communities, the slimming market and industry magazines and blogs such as “The Three Drinkers”. Interest has also been shown by many menopausal forums following the brand’s website blogs which presents a plant-based alternative to heavy drinking, and the dangers associated with it: https://moozebooze.com/mooze-news


 Mooze Cocktail - #Projectplantbase   Cocktail 2 - ~Projectplantbase

  Mooze 12% is a young and energetic indie brand, with a delicious yet sensitive spirit which is not only vegan friendly but also healthier than most, eco-friendly and sustainable. Mel Sims possibilities for the future are as endless as the flavor she can design, Mooze 12% is certainly giving a new meaning to friendly and responsible drinking.

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  For more information about this new indie brand, and to purchase their stunning botanical spirits, please visit https://moozebooze.com , and be sure to follow them on Social Media for updates: 



Contact: info@moozebooze.com 

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