Make Your Gains Go Further With Phyton! The UK's First Not-For-Profit Vegan Protein

#ProjectPlantbase is proud to unveil the latest members: Phyton, the UK’s first not-for-profit vegan protein brand. Nutritionally, Ethically and Environmentally superior to the market-leading dairy-derived weigh protein.

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Phyton, who are in their crowdfunding stage, do not hesitate to know what their mission is. To be the best vegan protein brand. In fact, Phyton has ambitions to be the best protein brand, full stop. The importance of this crowdfunding being a success will not only further this mission set by the aspiring vegan protein brand but will greatly further the wellbeing of animals. Phyton pledges to donate all of it’s profits to animal sanctuaries. Making them the UK’s first every not for profit Vegan Protein Brand.

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The Phyton brand is built on 3 powerful pillars, that perfectly sum up the protein powerhouse that is phyton.




Phyton - #ProjectPlantbase Member

Phyton already comes in 2 delicious flavours: Chocolate Fudge or Salted Caramel. Both of which are made using only the very best 100% plant-based ingredients, to help boost your workouts beyond what you imagined.



Phyton - #ProjectPlantbase Member

Phyton knows that sustainability is a must these days, not a choice. So when you help Phyton you can rest assured that everything involved in the packaging of your protein to shaker journey, is compostable, reusable or recyclable. Knowing that local sourcing is not always possible, they remedy the potential carbon emissions brought on by this. By making the promise to plant 2 trees for every pack sold!


Phyton - #ProjectPlantbase Member

The success of any vegan movement will naturally displace lots of harmful farmland, the people who work there and of course the livestock held there. Phyton does not want to see anyone left behind. That’s why they are not for profit and have a clear plan on making sure that everyone gains from this venture. To start, the company will run on a not-for-profit plan, donating all of its profits towards funding animal sanctuaries in the UK. As the company grows, they will lobby with the government to end funding to animal-based production lines. As wel as advocating for their deconstruction. Phyton will then push for the conversion of cruel farmlands into more ethical, sustainable and profitable businesses. In addition to all of this, Phyton will also help the funding to retrain these farmers to run the more ethical, sustainable and profitable businesses. Phyton founders state : ‘We have no interest in simply swapping who is oppressed. After all, it’s only a brave new world if everyone benefits.’

Phyton - #ProjectPlantbase Member

The main reason Phyton was set up is to help in the fight against un-vegan practices and how they are destroying the planet and stripping animals of their rights. All animal-based food and drink industries are killing our planet, Phyton states ‘it’s unethical’. Every year, 70 billion animals are bred, enslaved, and slaughtered to satisfy ‘demand’. Phyton has the following to say regarding human health and animal-based food and drink productions: ‘Overconsumption of meat, dairy, and other animal products increases your chances of developing heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

And the rest. It also means your body is in a near-constant state of inflammation,

Phyton - #ProjectPlantbase Member

making it harder for you to work out and recover as well as possible.And don’t get us started on the amount of blood, puss, and veterinary antibiotics that are legally allowed in things like cow’s milk. It should be 0. It isn’t. Even when treated as badly as most animals are, they still require a huge amount of food, water, and farmland. For example, it takes 9kg of animal feed to produce 1kg of animal protein. Not only is this an absurdly inefficient way of producing protein, but it comes at a devastating environmental cost. One that ultimately, we’ll all have to pay.’

Phyton is fully aware that expecting every single person on the planet to turn vegan overnight is highly unrealistic. It would be ideal, but it just isn’t going to happen. That’s why they have put all of their fight and will into making a fantastic plant-based vegan-friendly alternative to a hugely popular animal-based product. By aiming to surpass their animal-based competitors, they are hoping many others will follow their lead.  

Phyton - #ProjectPlantbase Member

Phyton’s founder is Karl Fogg: Fitness Fanatic, internet provocateur, loves to cook and was even voted PETA’s sexiest vegan over 50 (2020). Karl, like many of us, really wants to see a better world. Better for the animals and the lives that they live, better for the planet on which we live. Better for all of life’s living creatures. This was the driving force behind Phyton and it’s not-for-profit mission.

Phyton is offering rewards for donations made: A donation of £15 can see you walk away with a t-shirt. Polo shirt, kit bag or even a Phyton Branded Shaker. £20 or more can see you rock a Phyton hoodie or get yourself one of 2 deliciously flavour packs of 500g protein. You better believe that the higher the donation the crazier the reward with £85 bagging you 1kg Phyton Protein Powder, A Hoodie, A Shaker and 10% lifetime discount. Even bigger investors than that, are able to claim one of a limited number of MEGA BULK deals: £5000 will bag you The Big Paddy. In honour of Vegan strongman and pioneer Patrik Baboumian’s record 165kg log lift, Phyton will give you 165kg of Phyton! This will be delivered as 1kg per month for 14 years!

Get donating to be able to be one of the first owner’s of a pack of Phyton’s delicious and superior protein powder and feel not only good in your workout but good in your heart, soul and mind. Donate here and supports a wonderful plant-based cause right here. 

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