La Aquarelle - 100% Plant-based Sleep Accessories !

#ProjectPlantBase is pleased to introduce La Aquarelle, an amazing indie brand that uses the power of plants to appease your sleep!


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  La Aquarelle is an incredible brand that offers us a wide range of 100% natural and organic sleep accessories, including sleep masks and assorted pillows. The idea behind their stunning product range is to combine a careful choice of natural fabrics with the powers and benefits of plant-based dyes within each of their design.


 Dyeing process - ~Projectplantbase  In essence, La Aquarelle explains that they use botanicals, plant matter, and minerals to create different dyes. These are subsequently applied to fabrics to create different shades of natural colours and patterns. Plant dyeing is a simple process, much simpler than the synthetic alternative widely used in the industry. This natural dyeing process allows extracting colours present within nature and permanently fixing them on fabric. The whole process is 100% toxic and chemical-free. Furthermore, due to the use of botanicals during this process, many dyes have, as a result, pharmacological effects and possible health benefits similar to aromatherapies used in traditional medicine. 

Flower dye - ~Projectplantbase

  La Aquarelle as found an inspiring way to absorb the good properties from plant dyes, and transmit them to us through the wear of their accessories which are not only beautiful but can more importantly be beneficial to our health. Moreover, the brand specifically chose a cold water dyeing process as a mean to limit their carbon footprint and be more sustainable. This makes the process longer and requires patience, but alongside their proportional energy and water waste savings, it makes La Aquarelle a truly ethical and eco-friendly brand.


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Sleep mask - #Projectplantbase

  The best-selling items of La Aquarelle are sleep mask and pillows, which are perfect for power naps and to use throughout the night. This is what the team at La Aquarelle has to say about their driving message:” We are living fast-paced lives in big cities disconnected from Earth. The idea behind La Aquarelle was a need to get in touch with nature at night with the help of our products. Our way to connect with nature throughout the night!” Their gorgeous range of sleep mask colours and scents include Raspberry, Wild Flowers, Calming Lavender, Hibiscus; whilst they also offer several sleeping sets which also include pillows crafted with Avocado, Tea and Calendula.

Botanical - #Projectplantbase

  La Aquarelle has created a range of exquisite designs with vibrant and natural colours. As colour theory confirms that colours evoke a physiological response, the reaction to natural colours is both calming and intriguing. The brand has also designed its sleep masks and pillows so that therapeutic herbal sachet can be inserted to ensure a peaceful and restful sleep. La Aquarelle offers us an elegant range of sleep accessories that can benefit our sleep, and therefore our health through the use of plants. An additional advantage of plant-based dyes over chemical dyes is the softness on the skin, this was extremely important to the brand as the skin around the eyes is especially sensitive. La Aquarelle guarantees us that all their products are made with love and care to give a better sleep to both, the planet and ourselves!

 Set - #Projectplantbase

 For more information about this stunning plant-based brand, and to purchase their beautiful sleep accessories, please visit , and be sure to follow them on Social Media for updates:

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