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#ProjectPlantBase is proud to present Boïda, an incredible and innovative vegan-friendly & cruelty-free outerwear and fashion accessories brand with a strong message on behalf of wildlife!

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  BOÏDA was founded in 2018 in Montreal, Canada by An Pham who is also the innovative designer of the brand. Boïda is an awe-inspiring brand working to make a real difference in a market where many unethical practices are supposedly set in stone. This vegan clothing brand which has clear values and strong opinions has found a beautiful remedy to animal cruelty through the use of plants for insulation. Boïda’s garments not only look aesthetically superb, but they are also designed for the coldest temperatures, making them a sensational vegan alternative when it comes to outdoor and winter wear!

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  Boïda raises awareness about the brutality of using bird’s down feathers as an insulating material especially in the clothing industry, amongst others. Even though changes have been made over the years in the way feathers and down are harvested, 1% to 3% of ducks and geese worldwide are still subjected to the torturous practice of live-plucking. If we believe that these numbers are not higher, this still represents 30 to 90 million birds each year that are live-plucked, a process that is repeated up to four times a year. However, whilst some manufacturers have moved away from these practices, claiming that their suppliers only collect feathers post-mortem, verification and control of plucking practices is difficult and there is no way to ensure that breeding and slaughter are carried out without suffering. Besides, it is undeniable that the down trade provides an additional source of income for production farms and slaughterhouses, therefore making it not simply a by-product of the duck and goose meat industry, but a way to finance and help to perpetuate the latter.

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   Boïda’s mission statement is clear, meaningful, and inspiring, this is what its inventive founder An Pham has to say: “I believe that ultimately, as sentient beings, whether human or animal, we are all conscious beings that share a common desire: to live, and be free from pain and suffering. When we recognize this shared quest, it becomes clear that there is an oneness that underlies all of our existence.

 We must end the exploitation and destruction of billions of animal lives every year in the food and fashion industries.”  BOÏDA, as pronounced in Korean, means “to be visible”, which certainly captures the brand values and mission to be a voice for animals, and make their plight and suffering visible to all. An Pham believes that the power lies within our hands to build a world that is kinder and more compassionate, and she calls for an end to the exploitation of animals in fashion! In this regard, Boïda donates 10% of their profits from sales to animal sanctuaries or animal rights advocacy organizations.


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  True to the brand’s ambition to remedy this unearthly situation and provide consumers with a more ethical option, Boïda has designed and launched the amazing VEGAGOOZ collection in 2018, which was a compressible vegan coat. Its predominant feature was an ingenious plant-based alternative for body heat insulation. Essentially, Boïda’s VEGAGOOZ collection is insulated with corn fibers, polyester fibers, as well as a patent-pending special layer that makes the coat water-resistant, windproof, while staying breathable and lightweight. Also, as a bonus feature, An Pham has incorporated in her design some discrete reflective elements into the design of every Boïda coat to provide wearers more visibility in low light conditions. In addition to their incredibly warm and trendy coats, the brand also designs stunning vegan beanies, vegan scarves, and a unique 360-degree reflective runner’s cap. This creative and original brand goes even further and offers a range of T-shirts, tank tops, leggings, and hoodies as part of their PETA approved collection. 


 Since launching their first model in Montreal in late 2018, the Boïda - VEGAGOOZ has been widely appraised by the vegan community and the plant-based clothing industry. The new collection was first promoted at a sustainable fashion pop-up store in New York, before making its way to the world premiere of Vegan Fashion Week in Los Angeles in 2019. 

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  Boïda has also been presented at various vegan-related events since, and during the Winter 2020/21, this ever-growing brand has launched a new VEGAGOOZ parka model which was an ultra-warm, lengthier style, designed specifically for the famously cold Canadian winter! In February 2021, Boïda has also expanded their beanies collection with the incorporation of new and vibrant colors. 


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Boïda garments are currently sold through its E-Commerce website to Canadian, American, and UK customers, as well as via marketplaces such as Etsy and other local online platforms. Boïda’s ultimate goal is to become a vegan outwear and fashion accessories brand to be reckoned with, and they are well and truly on their way to becoming a household name in the vegan categories of those markets.

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