CottonCrab Clothing - Beautifully Designed Cosy Clothing Made Ethically!

#ProjectPlantbase takes great pride in introducing our latest member: CottonCrab Clothing, the fashion brand ensuring you can be comfy, ethical and look great all at the same time! 
#ProjectPlantbase Member CottonCrab Clothing
#ProjectPlantbase Member CottonCrab Clothing

CottonCrab Clothing is your number 1 stop for cosy, comfortable clothing. Catering to all, the current selection of clothing includes hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirt dresses, vests and much more. Collection lines include the "community collection" seasonal collections such as "Spring Designs" and most excitingly "Our design" 

#ProjectPlantbase Member CottonCrab Clothing our design
"Our Design" is a collection that changes every three months. Each "Our Design" sustainable collection is designed by a designer. The current collection on sale has been designed by Ardi a designer from Indonesia, be sure to check out his Instagram! (Direct link on the CottonCrab Clothing website) Anyone of the products on sale at CottonCrab Clothing can be made with the "Our Design" artwork by simply getting in touch with the lovely founder Natalie, who runs the clothing brand single-handedly. 

#ProjectPlantbase Member CottonCrab Clothing Founder Natalie

The young indie clothing company is proud to be a sustainable and ethical vegan brand. CottonCrab Clothing was founded by Natalie Robinson just last year. "At the beginning of last year in sunny Aberdeen, Scotland I learnt a lot about the world and myself. I also had realisations about things I already knew too, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this!" Says the one-woman-powerhouse, regarding her motivation at the start of this venture. CottonCrab Clothing was launched in August 2020 and Natalie's commitment has remained the same throughout. Which is to provide long authentic, fair priced, long-lasting clothing that makes people feel cosy and comfortable. Clothes that not only have people feeling good in them, but that do good too! 

#ProjectPlantbase Member CottonCrab Clothing

CottonCrab Clothing is so much more than just a clothing brand, it's a community. Natalie knows that like any other sustainable and ethical brand it's about more than just the end product. It's the journey that's important. Both the journey of the clothing and its production from start to finish, as well as the people who make the garments.

#ProjectPlantbase Member CottonCrab Clothing Fair Fashion

That's why Natalie makes sure CottonCrab Clothing is inclusive of every person involved in the process, from the workers who harvest the 100% Organic Indian cotton, to the garment workers to the customer receiving these cosy items. 


#ProjectPlantbase Member CottonCrab Clothing Hoodie

Sustainability is very important to Natalie which is why all of her products are made using 100% Organic Indian Cotton. A selection of her product such as the sweatshirts and hoodies also contain a small amount of Polyester (15% or less). The polyester used is recycled and made out of used plastic bottles. Even down to the lovely colours used in her garments, she ensures that all the dyes used to colour her products are non-toxic EOKO-TEX certified.

#ProjectPlantbase Member CottonCrab Clothing support the Circle

The adorable clothing brand also supports The Circle's (a non-governmental organisation founded by the wonderful Annie Lennox in 2008) Supporting Garment Workers Project by donating 10% of each purchased Community Collection T-Shirt. Read more about this great organisation here. But Natalie's fight for better conditions for workers does not stop there. She is already looking into ways of supporting their latest project "Living Wage For Garment Workers" 

#ProjectPlantbase Member CottonCrab Clothing

The two companies that CottonCrab Clothing works with are also just as committed to manufacturing in responsible and ethical ways, under the strictest of environmental certifications. With the utmost respect for the people who manufacture the garments as well as the world which we live in. The companies are both Industry leaders in this area and are part of the Fair Wear Foundation.

#ProjectPlantbase Member CottonCrab Clothing

#ProjectPlantbase Member CottonCrab Clothing

All of Natalie's products are PETA certified. Meaning no animal testing has been conducted on any processes or finished products. This means that the entire CottonCrab Clothing Collection from vests to T-shirt dresses and everything in between is made from 100% vegan materials. 

#ProjectPlantbase Member CottonCrab Clothing

Never one to stop, Natalie is also big into upcycling and supporting other small businesses. Currently, she is working on a collaboration with Emily at Rose & The Little Owl. This partnership will enable Natalie to develop a range of hair accessories made using offcuts of materials used to create other products. 

#ProjectPlantbase Member CottonCrab Clothing

Do you want to feel cosy yet look amazing and know your purchase has made the world a little better? Then head over to, the place to be for Organic Cosy Cotton Clothing, and grab yourself some goodies! Make sure you keep up to date on the latest news from the CottonCrab Crew by visiting their social media channels below:

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