Natur’Alley Partners with Tree-Nation in its effort to promote a Greener Planet!

As of January 2021, Natur’Alley has entered a partnership with the reforesting company Tree-Nation, and as a result will plant a tree in one of their forest for every product sold on any platforms.


   Natur’Alley has always claimed to be a sustainable brand, and has taken pride in ensuring this in the sourcing of their raw ingredients and their packaging. Today, the brand goes even further in reducing their carbon footprint by helping in growing forests in their sourcing countries. By doing so, Natur’Alley will not only help us breathe a cleaner air, but it will create new habitats for the fauna and flora in these countries.

   In practice, Natur’Alley will guarantee to plant a tree in one of its forests for every item purchased from the brand on any platform (ie. brand website, marketplaces, social media platforms, online and physical stores...). Each tree planted will be certified and customer will be notified of the species and location of every tree planted thanks to their order.

   This initiative will not only balance and reduce the carbon footprint of the brand and its users, but their reforesting progress will also help make a difference in their continuing fight against climate change which affects us all. As a plant-based focused company, Natur’Alley is taking every steps in ensuring that it remains sustainable, and endeavours to help in maintaining a greener planet whilst providing us with the highest quality and benefits that natures has to offer.

   Natur’Alley is a new and focused British brand offering a range of 100% plant based and high quality skincare products. This brand aims to be sustainable and its sourcing does not involve any sort of modern slavery, children slavery or animal cruelty. Moreover as a vegan brand, Natur’Alley guarantees that none of its products contains animal or chemical traces.


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